Pink Elephant's Founder Sits Down With BrothaSpeak

Pink Elephant’s founder, Japan, recently sat down with BrothaSpeak Podcast to discuss the upcoming Festival. In his podcasts, Gadson discusses current events and issues affecting the Black LGBT community, making the sit down between the two founders fated.

Japan shares his mission behind the festival, stating that he wanted for there to be a place for LGBT artists to be recognized for their work in the hip hop community. They touch on the Festival’s place in the hip hop community and why the Festival is in Austin, Texas. Going into it’s second year, the Pink Elephant Hip Hop Festival recently partnered with LEMON BRANDS to rebrand the festival and elevate its digital presence. When asked about where he sees the festival going, Japan sees a bright future. He would one day like to create a Pink Elephant Record Label and Awards Ceremony, further continuing to celebrate and highlight the work of LGBT artists in the hip hop community.

Listen to the full podcast below. Are you an aspiring Pink Elephant Artist? Sign up NOW! Artist Registration ends March 1st. Interested in attending? Get your tickets here.