Born in the era of excess, greed, and indulgence, JAPAN is the quintessential 80’s baby. Child prodigy and silver spooner, Japan was inspired early on by different cultures and music genres after traveling frequently as a child. Japan is not just a rapper but a lyricist, a storyteller, a situationist, and an all around entertainer known for his explosive live performances.


LADY BSMOOVE is a vocalist, songwriter, author, and activist from Dallas, Texas. Having released her second album titled Live Love Dream in 2015, Lady BSmoove fuses R&B and spoken word to create songs like “Spit This” and “She Ain’t Even Mines.” Her works have also been nominated for a Legacy of Success Foundation Award for Best Literary Works and a UBE Ally Award.


MELLI B is an artist in the truest sense; he exudes passion into all that he does and strives to create  genuine music. He does not simply create music, but his lyrics, beats and melodic hooks serve to create audio stories. Simply put: his songs are jewels for the ears, a gateway to a highly emotional experience. Melli B is constantly writing and developing as an artist and rapper.



TIM'M is a pioneering queer rap artist. In early 2000, he joined forces with Juba Kalamka and Phillip Atiba Goff to form the black, queer hip-hop group known as Deep Dickollective (DDC). Their debut album "BourgieBohoPostPomoAfroHomo" surprised hip hop and spoken word communities everywhere by offering a fresh approach to the early 2000’s political and social issues. 


VOCKAH REDU Although the Magnolia Housing Projects have long been demolished, a light post still stands at the corner where youth like Vockah Redu (Javocca Davis) gathered to rap and create beats. The light post marks one of the birthplaces of Bounce music, a genre of rap specific to New Orleans that has invigorated crowds throughout the South.



MOECARRO was born and raised in Houston, TX.  From the beginning, she was exposed to a variety of music, everything ranging from gospel to jazz. At the age of five, she discovered her passion for singing and never looked back. During her time at Willowridge High School, MoeCarro played bass drum.



Louisiana native, Andrea Clay first discovered her love for music at the age of five. Inspired by 2Pac, a liberated and educated thug, she began writing her own lyrics in 1995. As a child, GUCH treated music like her security blanket and made the studio her safe zone. Initially identifying as "Infinity,” she later decided that the name “Guch” fit her personality better.

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Born in Houston,Texas, Chayla Cooper, also known as Chay CEO, has been writing poetry since the age of 10. Having fallen in love with music at a young age, she often enjoyed listening to the heartfelt ballads of Babyface, Brandy, Aaliyah, Usher, and Luther Vandross.

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Antonial Barnes, pseudonym A.L.Beatz, was born on June 28, 1990 in Wylie, Texas. Both of his parents were musicians; his father was a professional bass player and his mother was a vocalist. Growing up around musicians, he accepted music as a form of expression. He was also involved in his local church. 

Yung Crusay

Charlene Cruse, aka YUNG CRUSAY, was born in Huntsville, Texas. Yung Crusay (or “Yung Cru” as many of her friends and fans call her) has always been in the lime light. She started acting at a very young age and soon this budding star started writing and producing music. She moved to Houston for high school.                   

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DJ Lady Ja-Roq

DJ Lady Ja-Roq (J-Rock) is one of the premier music entertainers in the Dallas area. She spins many different genres of music including Top 40, Hip-Hop, Club, Blues, Reggae, Rap, Throwbacks, Rock, Reggaeton, Drum & Bass, Mashups, and Underground, among others



Mama Duke is a 2 time Austin Hip-Hop award winning artist. A recipient of both the Female Artist of the Year and Artist of Year,  it's no surprise that Mama Duke can maneuver effortlessly in a male dominated industry. “I have a chill, night time vibe, coasting in the car kind of sound.” Duke says. She resides in Austin, Texas.

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Lolo a.k.a YELLASTUD is a freelance designer who resides in Austin,Texas and is the owner of YellaStudGraphics. He has received The Graphic Designer of the Year Award at the Austin Hip Hop Awards in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016. He is also a Show Promoter and has worked with the SXSW Music Festival for over 10 years. 


Lyrical LC

Lyrical LC is a Texas born, Louisiana raised Southern Bell. She fell in love with poetry around the age of ten, which developed and evolved into her love for music.  LC is a well rounded, versatile artist who has a thing for good music. LC's favorite genres of music are Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Jazz. 


Demi Monroe

Residing in Austin, Texas, it wasn’t long before Demi Monroe realized that music was her passion. At a young age, Demi had an obsession with fellow Texan, Selena. Though too young to have witnessed the Tejano singer’s impact for herself, Demi would spend countless hours watching her biopic.                        


DJ Tweksum

 DJ Twerksum currently resides in Houston, Texas. DJ Twerksum has been DJing for four and half years and became a Houston Fleet DJ in 2017. She is also the official DJ of the Reality show Realastate Bizzness, and of GMT Radio 90.3. You can catch her on at 3pm to 5 pm on GMT Radio 90.3. 



Trend’s motto is “Stand Out, Don’t Blend!” And that is just what she does. In November, she won Eson's Dream Tour showcase and was flown to Chicago to perform. Through her lyrics, she hopes to share her story with millions. "My music is inspired by my life, by the things I deal with on a daily,” says Trend. 


Doug thee Savage

DMV's own, Doug Thee Savage AKA Mr. Did Dat is an Indie Underground Rap Artist/Producer; recognized by his distinctive style & flow. Born in Maryland, Doug has long been a feature in the underground rap circuit and has produced music for and collaborated with several up and coming DMV "out" artists.


ZZ Boy

Zaelon ZZ BOY Woods is an American hip hop artist from Houston Texas. When he first claimed his fame into the music industry, he started off as a member of the hip-hop duo group "Balloon boy". Later releasing his solo project 'Pink Renegade' in the Fall 2016. 


King g of FNE

King G of FnE is an ATX native. Formally know as Genea Rucker, a 25 year old, lesbian, who enjoys all style of music. Her works include R&B, soul, & hip-hop/rap. As a up incoming artist representing FnE (Finesse'n Everything) she intends to ride her OWN musical wave! 


SoloTx's music style is direct and most importantly universal. SoloTx's ultimate goal is to inspire her listeners by connecting with them through her lyrics and life's lessons. SoloTx has opened up for the Legendary "Mia X" where she received the "Best Inspiring Artist of 2016" award.



TazDaRealist was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she learned to embraced her uniqueness and make no apologies for being herself. She explains, “I’m not your normal female artist. With me, you get my words, my life, my struggle.” 



Moyo The General

Musical influences include Master P, UGK, Cash Money Records Bone Thugs and Harmony. "I just wanna be successful and make good turn up vibe situational music. I just love to entertain!"





Aubrey Williams better known as "eStevan" is an African American Rap Artist,  Singer,  and Songwriting from Houston, TX. Now the young artist has released his debut album "Rose Gold" and said, "I want people to feel the vibes I imagined creating this album..."



Britney Boutte’ formally known as Justified ForevHer, hails from Missouri City, Texas. She is currently working on EP’s L.A. Times and N.Y. Times, and her second album titled “The Beautiful Struggle", which are a direct reflection of her experiences in both cities as a struggling up and coming artist.

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U star N.I.Q.U.E.

U star N.I.Q.U.E., a Hip Hop and R&B female emcee, on the rise. She separates herself from the mainstream in the way her message connects with people. Her work is 100% percent authentic. She has her own project out along with being featured on several artists’ songs through collaborations.  

Staci Russell.jpg

Staci Russell

Influenced by Mary J Blige, her ability to mix angelic, raw hitting vocals with heavy hitting bars gives her the title "Queen Of The South".  She has opened up for many platinum selling artist like Ice Cube, Crime Mob, & UGK just to name a few. 



Tiffkno Kennedy

Tiffkno Kennedy is an emerging artist from Houston, Texas, who has had a passion for music since the tender age of nine. Her subconscious acquaintance with music has since driven her to procreate a sound that is a mixture of New Age meets Hip-Hop with imprints of Dance Trap, and EDM.




Luckylou, is a diverse-genre African American Indie hip hop artist from New Orleans of FNS, establishing Ermylou Records in 2010. Since he begun rapping in 2011 has musically evolved into a entertainment game changer.



Kaptain KERK

A native from Houston, Kaptain KERK started out producing since the age of 12 and later joined music group Mo Benjis spawning the hit single 'U PLAYING' which peaked at #5 on Reverbnation. Fast forward, Kaptain KERK is now solo with a brand new banging hit single "Juice wave"